Shirley K’s food lugs have been created specifically for the food handling and processing industries.These containers are made from natural-white, high-density, polyethylene plastic and have received approval from the United States Department of Agriculture. These handling totes feature sturdy construction and are easy to clean. Polyethylene plastic will withstand temperatures down to minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit for freezing applications and elevated temperatures up to 190 degrees
Shirley K’s Stack and Nest 90° tubs, also known as meat lugs, are NSF approved and designed to stack easily at 90° to permit access to contents by cross stacking and nest when empty. Totes with lids will stack on top of each other as well as across. Perfect for pick and sort applications.

Additional colors, sizes, and imprinting is available.

Heavy duty wall storage systems help to secure utensils, supplies, and equipment in the kitchen. Stainless steel pegboards and hooks ensure your space will be organized.
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