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Looking to purchase food lugs?

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Often, at Shirley K’s, we’re asked to explain what sets our products apart from other plastic containers on the market.

When it comes to our food handling lugs, we have a lot of competition.

So, why choose ours?

  • FDA Approved Materials: Our containers meet FDA food safety standards
  • Impact Resistant: Our containers are designed to hold up to daily use in industrial environments
  • Freezable: Our containers won’t crack, break, or warp when frozen, unlike cardboard and injection molded containers
  • Steamable: Our containers can be safely sanitized with steam
  • Chemical Resistant: Our containers won’t be damaged by cleaning processes in your facility
  • Lightweight: Our containers are lighter than stainless steel and much easier for employees to hand carry around the facility
  • Customizable: We can add customized features to our containers:
    • Text to help meet food safety standards (i.e. edible vs inedible)
    • Colors to avoid cross contamination or visually organize your freezer or storeroom
    • Custom material thickness so you can dictate the strength that will best hold up in your production facility


Customer testimonial: Through our manufacturing process, we grind beef and the meat is placed in the tubs for freezing. 

Once frozen, they are popped out of the tub and placed on pallets, stretch wrapped and shipped. 

They are just the right size and strength for our needs.  Jane, Barr Animal Foods 


Learn even more about our food handling products by clicking here or please give us a call today at 740.868.8140 x105.

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