• Bulk Bin
  • Freezer Spacer and Pallet
  • Hinged Top Tote
  • All purpose tote
  • Stack & Nest 90 Cross Stacking Tubs

Learn more about our Material Handling Solutions!

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Are you looking for a better solution for warehouse, processing, or material handling?

Look at our unbeatable variety of in-stock durable and sustainable options:

·    Reusable pallets

·    Automated system totes

·    Pick and pack totes

·    Reusable plastic containers

·    Heavy duty shippers and containers with optional casters and locks

·    Storage racking and carts

·    Tool carts and boards



Our products are noted for durability, quality and sustainability and manufactured in the USA.


Visit our website to see a sampling of our product line and to view our product flyers.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, we offer LOW COST solutions for new product development and prototyping.


Call Shannon Christie today for questions and pricing.

Deals available for bulk orders.

(740) 868-8140

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