Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Of all the ways to celebrate women, I have to say that Mother’s Day is one of my favorites!

It is uplifting and inspiring to stop and acknowledge the strength of the mothers that surround me.


I am humbled by the power and beauty of the individuals that have been and are currently in my life.

I witness each of them sacrifice, work tirelessly, donate, inspire, and love each day towards the greater good.


I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge one of the strongest women I have been fortunate enough to know.

During the establishment of Shirley K’s, we struggled with deciding on what we would call this company.


Shirley Knight, my grandmother was a trailblazer within every space of her existence.

She was a mother, wife, business owner and pillar in her community.

During her adult life, she experienced adversity.

In 1962 her husband and business partner, Jack Knight, passed away.

This left her with the challenge of running a business and providing for her 3 children as a widower.


With boldness, she successfully carried on their business, The Fabri-Form Company.

She was a vibrant and strong woman who did BIG things.


Thus, leading us to name our company after her.

So, when people ask me how we got the name Shirley K’s, I am happy to share our story in her memory.


On this Mother’s Day, may we all acknowledge and celebrate the BIG things that you and your loved ones are doing.

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