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New Year

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It is an exciting time for us at Shirley K’s. The new year is in full swing and we could not be happier with the volume of projects in our lineup.
In 2018, we continued to provide products for our customers in education and industrial environments. We also produced new products for medical, roofing, hydroponic, and OEM applications.
As a result of developing these new products, our capabilities and expertise cultivated.
School construction bidding has started and has kept us busy quoting.
We are proud to supply durable storage trays in laboratories, art rooms, and classrooms across North America.
Stay tuned for a few new education products that we will be revealing in the coming months!
There has also been a high demand for our durable material handling products.
From work in process totes to washing tubs, we are busy producing for industrial manufacturers and food processing facilities.
Our partnership with Catalysis Additive Tooling continues to provide solutions for new plastic development.
We have been working with start ups as well as large corporations.
As a project comes to us, we carefully review and consider the whole project for the customer.
Thereafter, we propose cost and time efficient options based on their needs.
There are several scenarios we can offer to help with budgets and deadlines.
We hope you will follow us in 2019 and continue to watch us grow!
We would love to help you with your storage or plastic needs.
We are thankful for your business. Give us a call with anything we can help you with.

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