Shirley K’s is a leading supplier of multiple purpose plastic storage trays nationwide. Our trays are designed specifically with storage needs in mind. The durable and functional design makes these trays ideal for a variety of uses.

Storage and compartment trays are designed to conveniently separate and organize items. Store them on tabletops, workbenches, desks and project tables or place them in drawers, cabinets and closets for optimum organization. Three useful compartment models offer 20, 8 or 3 compartments.

  • Made of sturdy high-impact polystyrene with a high gloss finish
  • Unbreakable in normal use
  • Smooth surface resists soiling and is easily cleaned
  • Resists inorganic chemicals
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Designed to nest inside of existing storage areas and under tables and desks
  • All trays include a convenient aluminum card holder for labeling
  • 99 sizes are available to fit all standard installations
  • Plastic support panels and aluminum rails available for tray storage placement
  • All sizes are measure from lip to lip/outside dimensions

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